Turbans Tucantex of microfiber spongy quality.
They absorb moisture (10 times more than a cotton turban) evenly respecting the hair’s pH, without drying it out.


Spongy quality turbans are light and soft, very pleasant to the touch.
Their fabric allows a very short washing and drying, they do not wrinkle or deform. They do not release lint.
They are hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.
Long durability and possibility of personalization with embroidery.





Turban of spongy quality, 300 g/m².
Composition: 100% microfiber.
Available sizes: 67×24.
Available Colors: White · Black · Sky Blue · Navy Blue · Red · Coral · Gray · Ecru · Green · Gold.

With button in the nape of the neck for its subjection.