Massage Sheets


In our concept of wanting to transmit in our confection the smallest details of our sheets massage and enjoy breathable and delicate fabrics designed to cover the person during any aesthetic treatment or therapy.


Compact Quality


TUCANTEX Massage Sheets are lightweight, easy to wash, dry and store.

They do not store odours, do not stain or fray during washing, nor do they lose their shape or colour.


TUCANTEX Massage Sheets are undoubtedly a product of the highest standard.

Their intelligent and comfortable fabric is 180 g/m² (85% polyester and 15% polyamide).

Available in size 110×200 and 120x230cm in white, with the possibility of requesting the size you need as we also manufacture to order.


Possibility of customizing them to your liking thanks to the use of the best technology in embroidery and printing.


TUCANTEX Massage Sheets are available in two models: with or without opening for the face.