Microfiber towels, differences between the Compact and the Spongy

Until a few years ago it was cotton towels that dominated the market. As there was not much more choice people did not tend to get too complicated when it came to buying a towel. Recently we are seeing how microfiber towels are gaining ground to cotton and there is an increasing demand.


Microfiber towels take up little space and dry quickly. As they are made of synthetic fibre they are much easier to transport than typical cotton towels. We must also bear in mind that cotton towels take much longer to dry than microfiber towels. The latter have a great power of water absorption and therefore we will not have to have hours and hours in the sun waiting for them to dry. Nor should we forget that they are more resistant than cotton towels.


Within the microfiber towels we can find two varieties, the compact and the spongy. The compact one is a type of towel that we can destine mainly for gymnasiums, swimming pools and all type of sport competitions. Due to its small size, it can also be very useful on our trips, as it will hardly take up any space in the suitcase. Due to its great resistance, it can be washed many times without fear of deterioration.


Sponge towels are mostly used in hotels. Their special feel gives us an immediate feeling of well-being when we come into contact with our skin. These towels are especially light and hypoallergenic. If we had sensitive skin, we would have no problem with these towels. No matter how much we wash and use them, we won’t run the risk of wrinkling them and we won’t get lint in our bath either.


In both models of towels there is the possibility of obtaining them personalized. When washing them it is important that we do not exceed 40 °C and also that the washing program is normal or short spin. Under no circumstances should we use bleach when washing them, as this could cause them to deteriorate. It is not necessary to use an iron with them because it is difficult for them to wrinkle. There is no doubt that microfiber towels can make life much easier.