How to care for the microfiber?

The quality of microfiber, do not require special care, in fact, are simpler to maintain than cotton fabrics, but we do have to take into account a number of tips that will make our microfiber Tucantex products look unbeatable during their long life of use.

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In addition, using microfibre products saves energy, cleaning products, time and space. We’ll explain it to you below.



Energy saving

To begin with, the maximum temperature of the washing machine should never exceed 40º and always with a short washing program.

The microfibre does not need to be washed at 60º to guarantee 100% elimination of allergens (dust mites, parasites of domestic animals, pollen, etc.) and thanks to its hypoallergenic properties it does not absorb humidity.

Adjusting the thermostat by 30 or 40 degrees, instead of the recommended 60 degrees for washing cotton, can result in energy savings of up to 40% in electricity, in addition to the obvious savings in water and detergent products. Do not dry clean.


Savings in cleaning products

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, short washing cycles require fewer detergent products, but in addition, with garments made of microfibre, you should never use bleach or fabric softener. Not only does microfibre not require it, but it can also be counterproductive in terms of care.

Bleach could deteriorate the fibres, and the fabric softener would render them ineffective for cleaning or drying.


Saving time

In short, it dries quickly and you don’t have to iron.

If you use the dryer, use a gentle program. Microfiber is a very light material, its thread is 100 times thinner than human hair, so it dries three times faster than a traditional towel. But why waste energy if they will dry quickly in the air?

Do not use an iron. Microfiber is a very resistant fabric that does not wrinkle or deform, does not fray or loose lint. To hang it and fold it correctly is the secret so that it always presents an optimal aspect.


Space saving

As an example, once cleaned and folded, a shower towel takes up the space of a folded T-shirt. This saves a lot of space in the storage area.

It would be the same for domestic use: reduced space in the wardrobes, if we take it with us on the road it is hardly noticeable in suitcases or sports bags for use in gymnasiums.

Their smaller thickness also means less weight, so they are very comfortable to carry.