Tucantex bathrobes are useful accessories that stand out from the rest due to the versatility and comfort they offer.

Our bathrobes are manufactured with superior textiles, following the latest technology processes that guarantee an intelligent product in all senses, both in functionality and environmental protection.

Therefore, when choosing bathrobes, it is imperative that they comply with the following characteristics:


  • High-quality manufacturing materials such as microfiber or microcotton with the possibility of personalization with embroidery or silk-screen printing.
  • Fabric that does not shrink, fade or fray so they resist multiple washes without losing their shape.
  • Oeko-Tex Standart 100 certificate.



Within our extensive catalogue, you will be able to choose three types of qualities that we offer:


Compact Quality: the bathrobes manufactured in this type of texture are light and very resistant, being ideal to keep in small spaces. and become a fundamental accessory in hotels, spas and spas. Composition 85% polyester and 15% polyamide.



Spongy Quality: This type of fabric is soft and very light, designed to absorb moisture without harboring bad odors and also has fast drying, without losing its properties.

This bathrobe is special for sensitive skins with the possibility to personalize with high quality embroideries. It is an accessory made of 100% microfiber with double pocket design, special for storing your personal objects, with a belt adaptable to any size.



Micro Cotton: A perfect combination of two of the best existing fabrics for towels and bathrobes: On the one hand, microfiber and on the other hand, cotton.

This fabric is a sample of quality in a superior level, its fast drying, softness, lightness, resistance, make it one of the best for the manufacture of bathrobes for the home or for your business.