The Tucantex Backpacks with cords are very light, comfortable and with a cheerful and colorful design.
Towels and bags with the same design are available so you can create your outfits.

The compact quality microfiber backpacks are lightweight and take up very little space.
Their fabric allows for very short washing and drying times. They do not fray, shrink or lose colour.
They are hypoallergenic and indicated for sensitive skins.
Long durability and possibility of personalization by digital stamping.




Compact quality backpack, 180 g/m².
Composition: 85% Polyester, 15% Polyamide.
Measurements: 35×38.
Designs: Sky · Mandala · Rose · Palets · Raquets · Gray Fish · Marine · Star · Red · Big Fish · Blue · Jungle · Ice Cream · Mandala 2 · Flamingo · Tropical.