Our Company


We specialise in the production, design and personalisation of quality microfibre fabric: breathable, lightweight, hypoallergenic, durable, an intelligent textile product that helps to save energy.


We are also known for being the only ones that we manufacture in three fabric qualities: compact, spongy and microcotton.



  • 2002 we present the 100% microfiber sponge, soft and light, especially for wellness centers.
  • 2006 we began our collaboration with the hotel sector, with the introduction of fabrics that allow energy saving.
  • 2015 we extended our “compact microfiber” technology to towels, and began personalization in digital printing.
  • 2016 we launched our first collection aimed at the end consumer.
  • 2017 we developed the “micro-cotton”, which offers faster drying with the properties of microfiber.


OUR VALUES: quality, service, trust and personalized treatment.