10 Ways to Keep Your Microfiber Bathrobe

Keeping your microfiber bathrobe is very easy, just follow our advice and you can enjoy it for much longer than you think.


Stretch it well when you have finished using it.

Once you have finished drying with your microfiber bathrobe, stretch it well so that it can dry and thus eliminate all the moisture that may remain in it, this way, its drying will be much faster and will not smell moisture. The microfiber is a fabric that absorbs moisture quickly, so it will not take long to dry, once it is completely dry, you can keep your folded bathrobe or leave it stretched.


Wash it once a week

To keep your microfiber bathrobe longer, we recommend that you wash it once a week. The fabric is resistant, so you can wash it in the washing machine at medium temperature, so that the water is not too hot or too cold. You can put it in the washing machine. Depending on how you use it, you can wash it once every two weeks, instead of every week.


Don’t store your wet microfibre bathrobe.

If you want to extend the useful life of your microfiber bathrobe, one of the most important things to do is to avoid storing it when it has moisture as this damages the fabric and can also smell moisture. When you finish using your bathrobe, make sure to leave it stretched until it contains no water and/or moisture.


Avoid storing your bathrobe in areas with bad smells.

The microfiber is a resistant fabric that preserves much odors, therefore, the logic indicates to keep them in places free of strong odors. You can spray it occasionally with your favorite perfume, it will be a very pleasant feeling to use it again.


Wash the microfibre bathrobe at 30 or 40 degrees Celsius.

The ideal temperature to wash your microfiber bathrobe is thirty or forty degrees centigrade. It is not advisable to exceed sixty degrees for washing. In the same way, due to the properties of the fabric, it is recommended in case of centrifuging, to do it to 300 or 400 revolutions as maximum.


Drying in a tumble dryer

To keep your microfibre bathrobe for years to come, you can optimise its drying in the dryer, always with a gentle programme, although it is not 100% necessary for you to dry the fabric in this way, this way you will ensure that there is no moisture left in your bathrobe.


No iron needed

In addition to saving space, with a microfiber bathrobe you will save time because it does not need an iron, it is a fabric that hardly wrinkles, so you can do without this domestic task. Your bathrobe will be ready to use again as soon as it has dried, a process that will take a few minutes.


Keep it in a small bag

If you are not going to use the microfiber bathrobe for a long time, it is advisable to store it properly in a small bag to keep it for longer. If you keep it dry, you will have a bathrobe that will last many years without occupying an excessive space.


Eliminate chlorine or salt from the pool or the beach.

If you use the bathrobe for the swimming pool or the beach, it is recommended that when you return home you wash it, even if it is with a little warm water to eliminate the salt or chlorine that may have remained impregnated in the microfiber bathrobe. Once rinsed, you can drain it and hang it, this way you will have it ready to use the next day.


Avoid contact with tobacco

Although microfiber is a fabric developed by high technology and does not usually pick up odors, it is always better to prevent, so it should be away from fumes such as tobacco or other substances in order to prolong its durability.


With these simple tips you will be able to optimize the use and enjoyment of your microfiber bathrobe. Saving time and space is possible thanks to this wonderful fabric. Don’t you know it yet?