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For more than 20 years we have been characterized in the textile market for being manufacturers and importers of intelligent fabrics, manufactured based on high quality standards, always using the most advanced technology. We produce materials that make a difference both in the environment and in the perception of well-being of all our customers.

Our commitment to this concept includes various textile manufacturing processes that advocate energy saving and the use of alternative fuels in order to protect our environment.

It is a concept of health and wellness that goes beyond the barriers of personal care, reinventing the model of business awareness.

100% Personalized Microfiber Towels and Bathrobes


In Tucantex you will find a wide catalogue of products related to the textile sector and especially to Microfiber. In addition all our products can be customized with the logo or corporate image of your business. Want to know more?



Promotional Products


Fabric Qualities


We present our complete line of products designed for your well-being and comfort. You can choose from our extensive line of products manufactured in the following types of fabric.


Compact: bathrobes and shower towels made of compact fabric take up very little space with this type of fabric, maintaining their shape and properties after washing; they are also easily customisable through embroidery, silk-screen printing and digital printing.


Spongy: soft and light, they provide a pleasant sensation on the skin. A warm and comfortable fabric that allows quick washing and drying is hypoallergenic and easy to customize. You can ask for an original long-lasting embroidery.


Micro Cotton: the high absorption of microfiber and the softness of cotton come together to provide a superior fabric for quick washing and drying that does not wrinkle or store bad odors. With the possibility of personalization by means of embroidery and digital printing, it offers your clients the best quality in fabric.


More than 15 years guarantee us


Made to measure and European standards


Fast washing and drying. Long durability.


High quality embroidery, serigraphy or digital printing